Former Judge and Attorney Bob Castleman appeared in Federal Court today and was not only sentenced to 40 years on a drug conspiracy charge but also was linked to the death of Travis Perkins, a witness in the case.

According to an agent of the FBI, Castleman left a casino in West Memphis wearing a wig and trench coat, traveled to Travis Perkin’s apartment and shot and killed him. Castleman’s Defense Lawyer stated it was improper to consider the death of Travis Perkins during his clients sentencing hearing and also said his client should face no more than 46 months in prison.

The Judge disagreed and imposed a 40 year sentence on Bob Castleman, this was considered a much tougher and longer sentence than the defense expected. Castleman has not been convicted in the murder of Travis Perkins. The investigation into his murder continues, Castleman’s son gave testimony that Bob Castleman did indeed kill Perkins.