Around 11 pm on Wednesday night, AET Ambulance and Imboden Volunteer Firefighters were dispatched to 53 Lawrence 201 in Imboden by the Lawrence County Dispatch after they received a call stating a female at the residence was injured and her eye was bleeding. Once the Imboden Fire Department and ambulance service arrived the woman who had visible injuries was ask how this happened, she told responders that she was hit by Atlas Smith at the residence.

Firefighters then notified the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office about the injured female, deputies arrived to find Atlas Smith outside sitting on a tailgate of a truck. Deputies spoke with the injured female and then approached the male outside, when it was explained to Mr. Smith that he would have to be taken into custody, Smith refused and made several statements that he was not going to go with officers. Atlas Smith then charged deputies , the officers attempted to taze the suspect as he continued to charge at officers and refused to comply. At this point several officers subdued the suspect but during the struggle the suspect grabbed the tazer and attempted to taze the deputies.

Once in custody the deputies discovered that a Restraining Order was in place between the suspect and victim. Atlas Smith was charged with Domestic Battery 3rd Degree, Resisting Arrest, Violation of a Protection Order and Felony Battery 2nd Degree. Smith is currently incarcerated in the Lawrence County Jail awaiting a bond hearing. The injured female was transported to an area hospital for her injuries.

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