January 12, 2014 the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office arrested Dylan Smith, age 18, of Imboden on charges of residential burglary, theft of property and delivery of a controlled substance.

The arrest came after an Imboden resident called and reported that someone had entered their home and had taken over $200. Deputies responded to the residence and took the report. Deputies then went and spoke with neighbors and found someone who stated that they had seen Smith coming from the back of the residence. Deputies found Smith a short time later.

Smith was Mirandize and questioned about the break in. Smith admitted to going in to the residence and taking the money. Smith went on to tell the deputies that he went into the residence to get money that was owed to him from the sale of marijuana to a minor. Smith told deputies that he was the big marijuana dealer to Imboden area teenagers.

Smith was placed under arrest and transported to the Lawrence County Jail to await a bond hearing.


Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office