I Robert Stallings would like to announce that I am running for reelection to the Sloan-Hendrix School Board.  I would like to thank again all of the people who supported me last year and ask you again this year for your support  and thank all of you have already express  support for my reelection.  This year I will be on the ballot for the full 5 year term, unlike last year when I was elected to finish the term that was vacated by Mr. Crawford.  I believe that the experience and knowledge that I gained over the past year has given me a good understanding of what the duties and responsibilities a school board member needs to know to support the wellbeing of the school district as well as all the communities that make up the school district.  Again thanks to all the people who has supported me in the past and I ask you and all the patrons of the Sloan-Hendrix School District for your support on the election on September 17th.

Robert Stallings