Lawrence County Criminal Investigation Division is on scene at this time at a residence on Lawrence 635 investigating a burglary with the suspect in custody in the Lawrence County Jail.

The call came in from the property owner stating as he arrived home he saw a truck in his back yard and noticed a window in the door broken out. The home owner called 911 and stated he could hear someone in the residence, deputies from Lawrence County, Hoxie Police Officers, Arkansas State Police and Sedgwick Police converged on the house.

As officers secured the perimeter, deputies from Lawrence County entered the residence and found the suspect attempting to hide. The suspect, Joseph Daniel Gandy of Craighead County was taken into custody in the home. Officers stated the house was not only ransacked but the suspect’s pockets were full of jewelry and a coin collection. Once the suspect was detained, officers found a variety of burglary type tools in the suspects vehicle.

Joseph Daniel Gandy, the suspect has a lengthy criminal record including convictions in Craighead County, Mississippi County and Greene County for Robbery and Burglary. According to records, Gandy was just released from Arkansas Department of Corrections on January 31st, 2013. Gandy was taken to the Lawrence County Jail, formal charges have not been released as of yet by Sheriff Jody Dotson.

Sheriff Dotson extends his “Thanks” to all the agencies that responded and assisted the Sheriff’s Office with the situation. No injuries were reported in the incident.

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