We are now taking orders for Imboden Live online Christmas cards. We will create a unique holiday message banner that will be posted into an upcoming article in the month of December just for you.
Places of business, churches, clubs, or your families holiday message will be posted online until January 2nd, 2013. Wish your family, friends, and local community a Merry Christmas online.
$10.00 for a personalized Christmas message on Imboden Live. Your card will also be feaured on a special full size page on Imboden Live along with other Christmas greetings. Each banner will a one of a kind creation.
Some of the following images may be used… Santa, Snowmen, Victorian Christmas, Christmas trees,angels, nativity, snow scenes, etc… We will make sure every card is beautiful and special!
Examples of size and type cards…

Imboden Live will be taking orders from now until December 18th. Your banner will be posted within 48 hours of payment recieved. ( Please place your order as soon as possible! This will mean your banner will be displayed for a longer time on the site)
Please include in your email order the names you wanted listed on the banner (to, from,etc..) or if you would like special wording used. Payments may be sent to Imboden Live P.O. Box 266 Imboden, Ar. 72434. $10.00
Email admin@imbodenlive.com with your Christmas Card order today!

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