On November 02, 2012 the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office arrested Joseph Vandergrift (34) of Strawberry on charges of Battery in the second degree and aggravated assault. The arrest comes from Vandergrift attacking his landlord with a knife and stabbing him in the leg. The landlord called 911 and deputies responded to strawberry. Deputies took the report from the landlord and photographed the stab wound. Deputies than began searching for Vandergrift who had fled the scene. Deputies searched for several hours but did not find Vandergrift. Later in the evening a 911 call came in of someone acting strangely in Saffell that matched Vandergrift’s description. Deputies responded to the area and Black Rock Officers also responded to back up the deputies. When officers arrived in the area they were told that Vandergrift had went into a residence of some family members. The family was contacted and they let the officers into the residence. Once inside the residence Vandergrift came at the officers with a knife and had to be tasered to prevent anyone from being hurt. Vandergrift was subdued and transported to the Lawrence County Jail to await a bond hearing. Bond was set at $150,000 and Circuit Court date of November 28 was issued. On the way to the bond hearing Vandergrift told the deputies that he should have cut his landlord’s head off. Vandergrift was then charged with terroristic threatening also.
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