Sloan-Hendrix PTE Meeting
Members Present
Amanda Stallings
Kristie Stallings
Terri Smith
April Rainwater
Tonya Simington
Sandy Jones

The meeting was called to order by President, Amanda Stallings at 6:00pm.

Old Business
• Secretary, Kristie Stallings read the minutes from September 17th, 2012. Minutes were approved.

New Business
• Treasure, Terri Smith read the monthly Treasures Report.
PTE purchased black toy tubs for each teacher 1st-4th gr. for kids to carry toys to and from the
PTE purchased clocks for the Parent Center and Music room.
PTE purchased Welcome Kits for new students. Should make around 100 kits.

We would like to give a special thanks to
Janna Powell donated pencils, Becky Foreman donated cap erasers, and Parent Center donated
crayons for Welcome Kits.

Members voted on

April Rainwater was nominated by Amanda Stallings as Reporter, 2nd by Kristie Stallings, all for none against.

Tonya Simington made a motion to purchase Christmas ornaments to sale this year, 2nd by April Rainwater, all for none


Send teacher e-mail reminders about PTE meetings.

Items to give New Teachers, like Employee hand books, dry erase markers, timers, and attention bells.

We will work on Welcome kits at the Parent Center on Friday, Oct. 26th starting around 9am.

Meeting adjourned at 6:47pm by Amanda Stallings, 2nd by Alaina Nichols

Members stayed and worked on ornament design, black toy tubs and delivered to Teachers’ rooms.

Next Meeting
November 19th at 6pm in the school library

October 15th, 2012
New Members Present
Alaina Nichols