On October 04, 2012 the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office arrested Shane  Norks (24) of Paragould for possession of a controlled substance (Percocet),  possession of a controlled substance (marijuana), possession of drug  paraphernalia, driving on a suspended drivers license and speeding. The arrest  comes from a traffic stop in Black Rock of the vehicle Norks was driving for  speeding. While speaking with Norks the deputy noticed him shaking  uncontrollably. The deputy asked for Norks drivers license and when he ran the  license it came back suspended. The deputy asked Norks if he had any illegal  items in the vehicle and Norks told the deputy that he did and that the deputy  could look in the vehicle. Inside the vehicle the deputy found a baggie of  marijuana, some Percocet pills (a schedule II controlled substance) and some  marijuana pipes. Norks also had some Percocet pills in a baggie in his pocket.  The deputy asked Norks if he had a prescription for the Percocet and he told the  deputy that he did not. Norks was placed under arrest and transported to the  Lawrence County Jail to await a bond hearing.
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