The Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office wrapped up a very busy week at the 88th Lawrence County Fair, Rodeo and Car Show held at Imboden.

On Wednesday, the Sheriff’s Mobile Command Center was moved into place as the fair kicked off at the Lawrence County Fairgrounds. Sheriff Dotson and his wife Karla Dotson greeted residents and visitor to the fair. While the Sheriff discussed current and future programs that the Sheriff’s Office was involved in, his deputies and reserve officers patrolled the fair grounds, pavilions and exhibits. Deputies were also posted at the fairgrounds overnight for additional security.

The week before the fair, Sheriff Dotson placed inmates from his work program at the fairgrounds to assist with work on the rodeo arena, inmates also helped during the rodeo by helping to water the arena. Deputies and reserve officers were also in attendance for security at the rodeo.

Sheriff Dotson also attended the Car Show on Saturday, placing one of his four Humvee vehicles on display for the public. It was quite the attraction for young and old alike according to the Sheriff.

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