Lake Charles’ Swim Beach is open once again according to Park Superintendent Randall Watts.
Lake Charles State Park released the following Press Release today:
Lake Charles Swim Beach Reopens
Arkansas Department of Health officials contacted the park at 12:45 Tuesday and reported that the swim beach at Lake Charles could be reopened.  Water samples taken on June 11th & 12th were well within acceptable levels.
On Friday, June 8th, the Arkansas Department of Health ordered that the swim beach at Lake Charles be closed temporarily.  The order affected only swimming at Lake Charles.  The order came down because fecal coliform (CFU) levels were 6% above acceptable limits. Health Department limits are designed to close public swimming areas before CFU levels create a health risk. 
Fecal coliform is present in every body of water, but it can become too high for many reasons with the recent lack of rain being a major factor.  The Arkansas Department of Health conducts regular water quality sampling at Lake Charles and this was the first closure in almost ten years.
We remind visitors to keep pets off the beach and out of the water.  It is also important to make sure that all young children have appropriate swim wear.  Disposable diapers are not appropriate swim wear.
Fishing, boating and camping were unaffected by the swim beach closure.