At 10:56 am on Monday, the Lawrence County Dispatch received a 911 call from a man that had a tree fall on him while trimming limbs on Lawrence 273. Firefighters from Lynn and Smithville along with AET Ambulance were paged to the scene.

The victim was on the phone with the dispatchers, telling them he had severe bleeding and was trapped by the tree. While dispatchers were working to get the man help, phone contact was lost, as the dispatchers tried repeatedly to regain phone contact with the victim, a female answered the victims phone stating a neighbor had arrived and was attempting to cut the tree off the victim, firefighters from Lynn arrived on scene shortly afterward.

As firefighters attempted to remove the tree, the ambulance arrived at 11:10 am, a helicopter from Air-Evac was in route to scene as well. As firefighters freed the victim, the helicopter landed, medics from both the helicopter crew and AET Ambulance made the decision to load the victim in the ambulance and transport to the nearest hospital due to the amount of trauma to the victim.

As medics from both AET and Air-Evac worked to stabilize the victim, a Lynn fireman drove the ambulance towards Lawrence Memorial Hospital, Lawrence County Deputies were dispatched to assist the ambulance through traffic as CPR was in progress. The Lawrence County Dispatch notified Lawrence Memorial of the situation and relayed information for the ambulance. No word on the condition of the victim.

The helicopter from the scene at Lynn was moved to Lawrence Memorial, the Walnut Ridge Fire Department was on standby at the hospital for assistance.

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