According to Sharp County Officials, Wayne Watkins the real estate developer accused in the Spring River Beach Club scandal and fugitive for nearly four years was surrendered by his family to the Sharp County Jail.

The surrender allowed his family to retrieve the $106,910.00 bail that had been posted. Watkins will remain in the Sharp County Jail until his trial, the datte has not yet been set.

Watkins’ bond was set at ten times the amount owed to victims by District Judge Mark Johnson at a Feb. 2011 hearing. During the hearing, Sheriff Counts, Deputy Prosecutor Gardner, Watkins’ attorney and family members testified as to whether Watkins was a flight risk. His family later posted the bond set by Judge Johnson.

Watkins family surrendered him on May 22nd and the bond money was returned on the 23rd.

Original Article:
Sharp County Makes An Arrest Of One Of It’s Most Wanted Re-Entering The U.S. From Mexico

On Feb.21st the Sharp County Sheriff’s Office was contacted by the Harris County Texas Sheriff’s Office and informed that they had taken Wayne Watkins of Hardy into custody on an outstanding warrant.

Mr. Watkins was re-entering the United States from Mexico and was arrested by U.S. Customs Agents. Watkins is being held on the outstanding warrant issued in 2007 for the offense of theft by deception.

Watkins went before a Judge for an extradition hearing, he waived extradition and arrangements are currently being made to transport him back to Sharp County.