Ravenden Police Chief Tim McComas stands next to Ravenden’s newest vehicle, a military Humvee acquired through the efforts of Chief McComas and a program called the LESO 1033.


The 1033 program permits the Secretary of Defense to transfer Department of Defense property to state and local law enforcement. The only fee on the vehicle was a $260.51 State Fee. Chief McComas traveled to Camp Robinson and picked up the vehicle which is now in service in Ravenden.


The vehicle which has high ground clearance and 4-wheel drive also has capabilities to travel in high water in the event of flooding and inclement weather. Chief McComas added that the vehicle will be used primarily for the Police Department to access areas in which the standard patrol vehicles can not access. It also serves as a beneficial tool that can also assist the Ravenden Fire Department in the event of impassable roads during storms, flooding and snow.