Billy Keifer, age 43 of Ravenden is now in the Sharp County Jail according to Sharp County Officials, charged with Felony Fleeing, DWI, Driving Reckless, Driving On A Suspended License, Driving 110 mph in a 55 zone, Following Too Close, No Seat Belt, Failure To Provide Insurance and Refusal To Submit To Arrest.
The incident began when police were investigating a stolen vehicle believed to be heading from Fulton County, through Sharp County in route to the Ravenden area. The vehicle in question was being test driven and never returned, officers from Fulton County notified Ash Flat and Sharp County of the theft. Officers also advised that the driver may also be intoxicated. Ash Flat officers made contact with the suspect via cell phone and requested he bring the vehicle to the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office, Keifer hung up on the officers. Deputies made contact with the vehicle on 62/412 and attempted to stop the vehicle. A high speed chase ensued at speeds of up to 110 mph. Officers were able to activate their dash cameras and made numerous attempts to stop the vehicle which was described as driving wreckless and at very high rates of speed.
In attempt to avoid capture, Keifer hit the brakes causing a Highland Police car to hit the back of the vehicle, sending both vehicles out of control, coming to rest in a driveway, ending the chase.
Keifer was transport by ambulance to a local hospital after he passed out, possibly due to alcohol use. He was later released to the Sharp County Sheriff’s Office to face formal charges.
Keifer will also face charges in Fulton COunty for the theft of the vehicle.