Two years ago Mrs. Judy Warren, Director, came up with a plan to maximize learning time at
the Charter School. Students who ride the bus all have books to read on the bus ride home
every day. For many students this translates into at least 30 minutes and for some an hour of
extra reading time. The books are school library books that students are tested over during the
school day during reading time. Students are assisted in their reading by tutor, Mike McLeod,
who rides the bus with the students in the evening and listens to students as they read. Mr.
McLeod said, “ I believe the extra time reading on the bus translates into more successful
scores on the reading tests students take during the school day.” The Charter School does not
emphasize homework but utilizes as much of the school day as possible in individual learning
activities. This philosophy has resulted in the Imboden Area Charter School being named as
a School of Excellence by the Arkansas Department of Education every year of the school’s
existence. Charter Schools are public schools, tuition free, established by the Arkansas State
Board of Education. The Imboden Charter School is committed to individualized education for
each of their students, where basic skills in reading, writing and mathematics are stressed on a
daily basis for K-8 students. In addition students are given the required instruction in science,
social studies, computers, art, music, and physical education. Counseling and special services
are provided for those students need it. IACS is an open enrollment school, therefore parents
may enroll their children regardless of where they live.