Deputies from the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office spent last Tuesday evening in the south part of Lawrence County as “Storm Spotters”.


Around 9pm reports of a possible funnel cloud 6 miles northwest of Bono. Deputies responded to the area and requested the Sedgwick Volunteer Fire Department to be paged out to look for injuries and property damage. At 9:25pm the Sedgwick Volunteer Fire Department was on scene at several structures with reported damage including a home on Hwy 228 with roof and foundation damage, no injuries were reported. Firemen from Sedgwick also traveled out into the county to inspect for damage.


At 9:45pm deputies were watching another storm cell coming from the direction of Weiner Arkansas headed in the direction of the Sedgwick area. At 9:50pm deputies reported strong winds and lightning strikes in the area of Egypt.


At 10:15pm deputies reported winds in excess of 50mph in the area of Lawrence 748.


Also during the storms, Walnut Ridge Police Officers staged at several areas including the Hwy 63 and Hwy 91 intersection watching for possible rotation. Both Walnut Ridge Officers and Lawrence County Deputies kept in close contact with the Lawrence County Dispatch Center for updates and conditions.