Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office reports that on November 26th Deputies were dispatched to an address on Lawrence 261 in reference to a domestic altercation in progress. While enroute to the call the Lawrence County Dispatch advised the officers that the suspect, Jared Gill had left the scene in a white Mustang that he had stolen.

Deputies passed the stolen Mustang and attempted to stop the vehicle on Hwy 117 spur, at that point deputies say the vehicle increased it’s speed and began to flee. The pursuit ended at 117 and Lawrence 226 where the vehicle wrecked out. At this time Mr. Gill jumped from the driver’s side and began running towards some woods on Lawrence 226. A short time later Gill was taken into custody by the deputies. Gill was placed in cuffs in the back of a patrol car while deputies were surveying the stolen vehicle for damage.

Deputies then noticed that Gill had slipped the cuffs from his back to his front and rolled down the window and escaped from the car. Deputies used the Lawrence County Mounted Patrol and bloodhounds to search for the escaped suspect.

After a 3 1/2 hour search dispatch contacted deputies and informed them that the suspects father called and stated Gill was on his way to the Jail to turn himself in, still handcuffed he was taken into custody.

Gill is charged with Theft of Property, Aggravated Assault, Fleeing and Escape 3rd Degree. Bond was set at $25,000.00 and a Circuit Court date of Jan. 19th.