At 10:28am on Sunday the Ravenden and Imboden Volunteer Fire Departments were paged to the scene of a structure fire located just north of Ravenden on Hwy 63. Ravenden responded with two engines and Imboden responded with its Engine 6, Rescue 3, Rescue 4 and several firefighters.

Firefighters arrived to find a fire in the attic space of a shop building located behind the residence. The fire was quickly put out with minimal damage to the structure or the contents. Ravenden Fire Chief Butch Dail credited the owners quick call to 911 as the biggest reason it did not damage more of the structure. Fire crews were on scene for less than an hour.

The Imboden and Ravenden Volunteer Fire Departments have a mutual aide agreement between the two departments. In the event of a structure fire in either city, both departments are paged to ensure enough manpower and equipment is on each fire scene.