The 2010 Halloween block party here in Imboden was a huge sucess! The Imboden Volunteer Fire Department blocked off intersections at W. 4th st at Florida, the Southern end of Georgia St. at W. 4th st., West 4th st, at South North Carolina St, South North Carolina St. at West 4th St. and the western end of West 5th St. at Arkansas Highway 115 with help from the Lawerence County Sheriff’s office and AET Ambulance service. Local children and parents made there way from the Sloan-Hendrix gymnasium parking lot and Church of Christ parking lot in Imboden to the block party area with help from the firefighters. Imboden Live saw everything from ghosts and zombies to fairy princesses. Babies, children, teens, and grown-ups alike were all decked out in their colorful, funny, and spooky costumes. Thanks to everyone who volunteered their time helping out at the block party!

Judy Henderson from S&H Quick Stop asks that everyone bring their left over Halloween candy to S&H to be sent to the troops serving overseas.
Enjoy the Halloween Block Party photo’s and we will see you next year!

For more Halloween photo’s from the Block Party visit or view the footer at the bottom of Imboden Live! You might see someone you know!