Shortly before 1pm the Imboden Volunteer Fire Department was called to a field south of the Game & Fish boat ramp by workers of Burlington Northern Railroad.

Once on scene a male subject who claim he was floating down the river told firemen of a female on the river with an ankle injury. The male subject, who by his own admittance was under the influence of alcohol, changed his story several times and was unsure of exactly where he was or where the female was located.

The IVFD made the decision to conduct a search of the river and a 20 ft Jet Boat belonging to Captain Joe Chappell of the fire department was launched. Other members of the fire department searched fields on both sides of the river while firemen went north on the river to what is known as the “worm hole” several miles north of Imboden on the Spring River.

Firemen relayed radio traffic back to searchers stating that the subjects story had changed several more times shifting the search from north of Imboden to south of town. Firemen then searched the river to the south but still nothing turned up.

After receiving no other calls about this person and not having contact with anyone on the river, the IVFD called off the search. Along with the fire department, AET Ambulance Service of Imboden was staged to help with any injuries. The fire department was back in service shortly before 3pm.