The Darlene Martin book signing on June 19th at the library had a very nice turn out. Darlene donated copies of her two new books to the Bobbie Jean Memorial Library and you can purchase your own copy of Terror on the Waterfall Trail or The Echo of Violence by contacting Darlene at her email address
Friends Altha Murphy and Leona Pecoraro lent a hand to Mrs. Martin during the book signing at the refreshment table.

Imboden resident, Ina Grace Mcglothlin had surgery on Thursday, June 24th. We hear she is on the road to recovery and wish her the best.

Shelly Schatz of Republic, Mo. spent last weekend visiting her mother Donna Hill of Imboden.

If you drive down Lawrence Rd. 203 and stop at the first low water bridge you will see an odd sight. On one side of the creek the fence is painted John Deere green and yellow on the other side the fence is painted with a bright patriotic red . You will have to ask Ina & Ricky Benson and Billy Oldham about this fence rivalry for yourself but we thought it was a good photo opportunity.

The children of the Imboden United Methodist church will be entertaining us by ringing the bells this Sunday, July 4th. If you haven’t heard them yet you should come listen to them play as well as hear a good sermon by Pastor Bob McMillon.

Linda Williams of Imboden can look out her window any time of day and see a few hummingbirds at her bird feeders. She is filling the feeders quite often lately as they keep bringing more friends along to have a drink on these hot summer days,

The Bobbie Jean Memorial Library will be closed on Monday, July 5th . The summer reading program at the library will resume on Monday July 12th at 1:00 pm and the end of program party will be held on July 19th. We are so proud of all the good readers who turned out for the program this year!

Imboden Live would like to wish everyone a fun and safe 4th of July weekend!

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