As a child of the 70’s and 80’s our generation thought we were cutting edge, just as I am sure our parents did in the 50’s and 60’s. But compared to what our kids are doing today we were pretty low-tech.

For Example:

Remember the “Party Line” telephone system, now our kids carry phones with cameras and internet service and would have no idea about sharing the phone with lil ole lady down the road.

What about IPods and MP3 players, in the 80’s you had the biggest radio you could afford called the “Jam Box” or “Ghetto Blaster” on your shoulder while you walked around looking pretty goofy.

I am pretty sure I was the prototype for the remote control, if my Dad wanted the channel changed he would tell me to do it! Now kids have 250 channels on the satellite and movies on demand. In our day it was KAIT-8 or if your parents had one of the old satelites you got more channels but had to go outside and “crank” on the disc to change from Satcom 3 to whatever.

Simple things that we take for granted did not exist even 25 years ago. Take for example Water and Ice in the door of the refrigerator, we had those blue plastic ice trays that each night before dinner we emptied into an ice bucket.

Remember your first microwave oven? We were so amazed we stood in the kitchen and watched it bake a potato!

Some things that we thought were state of the art have come and gone, the one that comes to mind was the waterbed, there was a time when everyone thought they could not live without one, now they barely exist.

Does anything else come to mind? Drop us a comment, we’d love to hear them.