Do You Like GHOST TOWNS ? I guess you could say, some of us never grow up. One of my favorite things to read about is old towns or ghost towns as some call them.

Recently I was reading about a ghost town not too far from us and on a recent road trip to Batesville we just had to stop off and see it for ourselves.

Mount Tabor is located off Hwy 230 between Strawberry and Cave City. Some internet sites list directions but let me save you some time. It is in Independence County just 3 miles before you get to Cave City. You turn off Hwy 230 and go about a mile down Winchester Trail to get to Mount Tabor.

Mount Tabor was a farming community that was settled in the early 1800’s although the town was not established until 1854. Most of the old town is privately owned now and the only complete building left is the Mount Tabor Church which was erected in 1932. The rock church still has the pews, painting on the walls and the piano, it is a sight to see. Other ruins can be seen by just driving down the road. There are ruins of a couple houses and out buildings that still remain today and can be seen from the road.

Not much more can be confirmed about the town or why it was abandoned by it’s residents.

If you know information on this town or any others like it in our area please contact us and we will include it on Imboden Live. We will be adding to our new Road Trip series of articles in upcoming months.