Dr. Tom Kimbrell thanked six surrounding school districts for their cooperation in planning the future for students and parents in the Twin Rivers School District at the Dept. of Education meeting today. The state took administrative control of the school district in February because the district had failed to meet accreditation standards for more than two consecutive years. The plan is to reallocate the area contained in Twin Rivers into the six surrounding school districts: Highland, Hillcrest, Mammoth Springs, Maynard, Pocahontas and Sloan Hendrix. In addition, Dr. Kimbrell said he will ask the state board to consider raising the enrollment cap at the Imboden Area Charter School to provide the Twin Rivers students another option for their educational futures. The state will sell the land and buildings that belonged to the Twin Rivers School District, funds from which will be used to help pay off the school district’s debt. The state is also working with the surrounding districts to distribute other assets. The state board will vote on the consolidation/annexation at it’s May meeting.