Shortly before 9 p.m. on Friday night the Lawrence County Dispatch Center received a call about a man with a gun threatening to harm himself. The 18 year old male was texting family members with these threats. Deputies started a search of the city and spoke with several residents who had seen him walking in different areas of town with the weapon. Deputies from Lawrence County had the dispatch center contact the cell phone provider and run a trace on the phone. The first trace came up in the area of the Feed Store, a search was performed with nothing turning up. A second trace showed the phone was in the area of 4th street and Fairpark. Deputies closed several blocks of the area and continued to search. The suspect was still sending text to family members and claimed he was behind the Old McLeods store on Main Street. Thinking this may be a hoax only a couple of officers went to that area and several others stayed behind. As an officer was searching a yard on Georgia Street he saw a light under a truck in a driveway, it was the cell phone lighting up as the suspect received a text message. The officer arrested the suspect at gun point who was still armed. The suspect was taken to the Lawrence County Jail to be charged, the suspects name had not been released at the time of the article.