Jan. 12th 2010. Fire Chief Chris Jones announced today that the City of Imboden has received a Class 4 fire rating from the Insurance Servives Office (ISO). This new rating is an improvement over the City’s previous Class 5 rating.

ISO is an independent company that measures the effectiveness of a fire department’s ability to protect a community. The improved rating takes effect immediately upon notification to the city and was assigned after a comprehensive review of the city’s fire department, communications system, and water supply.

The improved rating is a direct reflection of the community’s commitment to funding and supporting high quailty fire and emergency medical services, as well as the dedicated efforts of the members of the Imboden Volunteer Fire Department and the continued support of Mayor Gene Dearen and our City Council. Insurance companies use an ISO rating as a gauge when establishing fire insurance premiums rates, and Imboden’s improved rating could result in lower fire insurance premiums for residential and commercial property owners.