Merry Christmas 2009
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Because of your giving 19 families received generous boxes containing a ham, milk, butter, bread, baking staples, assorted canned goods, washing detergent, and personal care products along with 52 children’s gifts Thanks to Bill Oldham, Terry Smith, Bob McMillon, Lisa and Buddy Williams the items were distributed on December 17th.
Donations received were canned goods, Christmas gifts and monetary donations of $1358 used to buy items for the boxes.
Thank you for your support of this community and school project.
This is the fourteenth year the school and community have partnered for this project.

Bonnie Young~~Sloan-Hendrix Parent Center Co-ordinator

Rebecca Jones~~Sloan-Hendrix Parent Center Facilitator

Martha Johnson~~Sloan-Hendrix Middle School Student Council Sponsor

Shara Phares~~Sloan-Hendrix School Counselor