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Our first Pet Spotlight features the beloved cat of Chris and Laura Hubler. He weighs around seventeen pounds, goes by the name “Fat Kitty” and he has been a part of the Hubler household for the past two and a half years. Fat Kitty is around seven years old. His constant companion Laura says that he enjoys sleeping and cuddling with her on the couch. She said that he also LOVES sweets, his squeaky mouse, his meow mix kitty treats, and getting lots of attention. He does not like other animals, getting a bath, and flea spray. He is very sweet and loving and is the BEST KITTEH in the WORLD. (and yes that was a quote) Laura also commented that “He’s an important part of our family and we could not do without him.”
Thanks Fat Kitty for being our first pet spotlight!’
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If you would like to submit your pet to be featured in “Pet Spotlight” send us a few photo’s and tell us a little about your pet. We will be happy to post your submission!