The Izard County Sheriff’s Office is honored to recognize Deputy Brock Simons for his extraordinary heroism and selflessness, as well as Mr. Larry Wilhoite. On Friday, June 14th, 2024, Deputy Simons and Mr. Wilhoite displayed unparalleled bravery by rescuing two individuals trapped inside a burning vehicle, an act that undoubtedly saved their lives.

Upon arriving at the scene of a one vehicle accident in which the vehicle had wrecked into a tree and rendered the victims inside immobile due to their injuries, Deputy Simons quickly assessed the situation and, without hesitation, Deputy Simons and Mr. Wilhoite placed their own lives at great risk to ensure the safety of the victims. With flames intensifying and time running out, Deputy Simons and Mr. Wilhoite demonstrated exceptional composure and decisive action. Their swift and courageous response was instrumental in pulling both individuals to safety before the vehicle was fully engulfed in flames shortly afterwards.

This act of valor exemplifies the highest standards of public service and dedication to the community. Deputy Simons’ courage under pressure is a testament to his commitment to protecting and serving others, often at great personal risk.

We extend our deepest gratitude to Deputy Simons for his heroic actions and for his continued dedication to the safety and well-being of our community. His bravery and quick thinking have not only saved lives but have also set an inspiring example for all.

In recognition of this act of heroism, Deputy Simons is hereby awarded the Izard County Sheriff’s Office Life Saving Award. This award serves as a small token of our immense appreciation for his bravery and extraordinary service.

In recognition of this act of heroism, Mr. Larry Wilhoite was presented with a letter of appreciation from the Sheriff’s Office for his bravery, quick thinking, and lifesaving actions toward his fellow man.

Pictured left to right is Chief Investigator Geoffrey Watts, Deputy Brock Simons, Sheriff Charley Melton, and Chief Deputy Steve Davidson.