A Sharp County jury sentenced Christopher Shatley to thirty-five years in
prison for rape on Wednesday afternoon. He had been charged with two counts of
rape in 2022 and was found guilty on both counts.
Deputy prosecutors Joe Grider and Hollie Wilson secured the jury’s verdict.
Hollie Wilson’s voir dire was very effective. She educated the jury on issues such
as delayed disclosure, the credibility of young witnesses, and how much evidence
is necessary to convict on rape cases. After that Deputy Prosecutor Joe Grider took
over. His 20 years of experience as a deputy prosecutor were on full display during
the trial as he skillfully put together a clear, well-rounded case without any
weaknesses and ended with a superb closing argument.
Ashley Mills, the victim advocate of the Sharp County Prosecutor’s Office,
deserves credit for helping the victim make it to and through the trial. Chief Brian
Barnett and Cpl. Mitchell Kazzee of the Cave City Police Department also deserve
credit for a solid investigation.
Shatley, age 46, will have to serve 24 and ½ years before his first chance at a
parole hearing.

3rd Judicial District Prosecuting Attorney Devon Holder