Izard County authorities have charged a man with multiple charges after eating bags of mushrooms, claiming to be Jesus while he threatened individuals including several hair stylists at a local business.

William Hurst, age 35 was arrested on March 8th after law enforcement intercepted the suspect after he made threats toward another local business. Hurst allegedly had been inside the business for 15 minutes before law enforcement arrived on scene and Hurst was making verbal threats and claiming to be Jesus.

Law enforcement that made contact with Hurst stated he identified himself as Jesus Christ and began using curse words while describing why he was in the business. Law enforcement stated that it was clear Hurst was in some sort of altered mental status.

Hurst’ vehicle was searched and authorities report numerous empty packages of psychotropic mushrooms were found.

Authorities stated, only the empty packages of the mushrooms were found in the vehicle, Hurst had purchased the mushrooms legally in Missouri earlier in the day.

Hurst was charged with four counts of felony terroristic threatening in the first degree, one count of criminal trespass, and disorderly conduct.

Bond for Hurst has been set at $25,000.