Two people have been arrested on suspicion of mail theft according to Randolph County authorities, William West age 39  and Brandy Sorg age 42 both of Pocahontas were charged with multiple theft and drug-related charges.

Original story:
Sheriff Kevin Bell today announced an ongoing investigation involving missing mail, Sheriff Bell stated dozens of victims have been identified.
From Sheriff Bell:
If you have had missing mail and/or packages missing from the mail please have your credit/acounts and personal information checked immediately. IF you HAVE Had suspicious activity let us know.
We have arrested two suspects and recovered a large amount of mail from central Randolph County and the Pocahontas area.  
The suspects were stealing the victims mail to obtain personal information. Then they would open credit cards or other accounts using the Victims identity.
So far we have identified 59 victims and we have or will be contacting them.  We encourage everyone to check your accounts and personal information for suspicious activity.
This was not postal employees who was doing this.  The suspect information will be released after formal charges are filed.
We are working with Pocahontas PD, and US postal inspectors to resolve this case.  
Do not message me here please contact the S.O. At 870-892-8888 (tel:870-892-8888)