January 23, 2024

On a bone-chilling Saturday night in Arkansas, State Trooper Brandon Bird came across a vehicle on Interstate 40 that he initially thought was abandoned. Upon closer inspection, he discovered an older man in the car who was disoriented and out of gas.

The man told Trooper Bird that he had been stranded on the side of the road for several hours and desperately needed help. Trooper Bird’s compassion and care were on full display as he reached out to the man’s family, who lived on the other side of the state, to ensure they were aware of his condition.

With the subfreezing temperatures posing a real danger to the man’s survival, Trooper Bird secured a room for the gentleman in a local hotel. He made sure he was safe and secure for the night and paid for the hotel, showing his generosity and selflessness. 

The man’s emotional distress, combined with the dangerously cold temperatures, could have proved to be a lethal mix had he stayed in his car overnight. However, Trooper Bird’s gentle persistence and kindness may have saved his life. His actions are a testament to the Arkansas State Police’s unwavering dedication and commitment to serving and protecting the community.