Authorities arrested Chris Woodson on Thursday after he fled on foot from officers.

The incident began when Woodson was spotted in a vehicle on Hwy 25 at Black Rock by Chief Bryan Archer. Woodson was known to have outstanding warrants and local law enforcement were on the lookout for him.

Chief Archer attempted to make a traffic stop on the vehicle as it traveled south on Hwy 63 toward Portia. At first the vehicle refused to stop for BRPD but eventually came to a stop, that’s when authorities say Chris Woodson fled from the passenger side of the vehicle and ran into the woods near Portia Bay.

Units from the Arkansas State Police and Lawrence County Sheriff’s Deputies arrived to assist Black Rock Police.

After a short search, Woodson was arrested on his outstanding warrants and charged with fleeing.

Woodson was transported to the Lawrence County Detention Center.

(Photo submitted by reader)