Sharp County Sheriff’s Department has now released the names of the two men found deceased in a cabin near the Wirth community on Sunday.

According to law enforcement, Michael Luke Adams, age 22 of Caraway and Charles Gregory Adams age 46 of Marmaduke were both found on the floor of the cabin on Bank Road near Wirth.

The Sharp County Sheriff’s Department reports that Charles Michael Adams, who is the father of Gregory Adams told authorities he woke up Sunday morning and went to the restroom but fell down and was unable to stand. After several hours he was able to stand and found the two men unresponsive on the floor.

According to police, Michael left the cabin to go for help at a neighbor’s home who called 911.

Law enforcement entered the structure and noticed an odor of propane. A gas stove was on but the propane tank was empty.

A dog in the cabin was found and appeared disoriented but after it was taken outside it became more alert. 

The Sheriff’s Office reports the case has been closed.