First National Bank of Lawrence County Donates $7,500 to Williams Baptist University

WALNUT RIDGE, Ark. -Williams Baptist University has announced a generous donation of $7,500 from the First National Bank of Lawrence County, dedicated to fortifying the Williams Works program. The check was ceremoniously presented to Luke Colley, Vice President for Institutional Advancement and Business Development at WBU, by ShayLee Junkersfeld, the Internal Auditor at the bank.

Entering its fourth year, the Williams Works program continues to play a pivotal role in supporting students on their educational journey. Currently assisting over 90 students, the program has experienced remarkable growth and has fostered collaborations with entities such as Bosch Tools, WatersEdge Church Accounting, and Lawrence Health. These partnerships serve as workstations, offering students invaluable practical experience.

In an innovative approach, WBU facilitates hands-on learning for students through Eagle Farms. This initiative allows students to cultivate vegetables and flowers in greenhouses and fields, with the produce available for purchase at Williams Corner, a retail space managed by Williams Works students. Furthermore, the university operates Hotel Rhea, a boutique-style establishment in downtown Walnut Ridge, and has recently ventured into a lawn service that operates in Lawrence and Randolph Counties.

Students participating in the Williams Works program dedicate 16 hours per week during both fall and spring semesters. In return for their commitment, their tuition and student service fees are comprehensively covered for each semester they contribute. Additionally, participants have the unique opportunity to work full-time during the summer, with their room and board expenses similarly covered. This distinctive arrangement provides students with a pathway to graduate without the burden of debt.

WBU is a private, Christian university in Walnut Ridge

*Photo (ShayLee Junkersfeld and Luke Colley pictured)