Hoxie Mayor Dennis Coggins is accused of trying to run over an independent journalist with his pickup truck on September 8th.

The journalist identified as Lucas Peppers was at the Hoxie City Hall to retrieve some information through FOIA when he was told by Mayor Coggins that he was not allowed to film in the lobby of the building.

Peppers continues filming outside when the Mayor gets into his vehicle and appears to attempt to run over Peppers before exiting the parking lot.

Peppers called 911 immediately and reported the incident to the Lawrence County Dispatch.

Mayor Coggins later made threats in front of two Hoxie PD officers, Hoxie Police Chief Cheatham and Sheriff Tony Waldrupe, those threats were captured on Sheriff Waldrupe’s body camera.

Security cameras in the building also captured the threat, that video along with the journalists video and body cam video is expected to be forwarded to the prosecutor’s office.