The melodies of the NEA Chorale are set to resonate once again as they mark the beginning of an exciting new season. The Chorale, renowned for its vibrant and diverse vocal performances, invites singers of all ages to join their ranks for a season of musical excellence and camaraderie.

The grand opening of the new season is scheduled for Monday, Sept. 11, at 7 pm. The event will take place in the Magee Choral Suite, located within the Maddox Building on the campus of Williams Baptist University. 

Open to individuals ranging from 9th grade students to spirited souls aged 110 and beyond, the NEA Chorale welcomes participants from all walks of life. A distinctive feature of the Chorale is its inclusivity — no auditions are required. This ethos allows singers of varying skill levels to come together and contribute to the collective harmony, fostering an environment of mutual support and musical growth.

Weekly rehearsals will be held each Monday throughout the fall season. These gatherings will take place from 7-8:30 pm, providing ample opportunity for members to hone their vocal talents under the guidance of the accomplished conductor, Dr. Trent Broussard.

Highlighting the season’s culmination will be a Christmas Concert, a hallmark event that promises to infuse the holiday spirit into every heart. Scheduled for Saturday, Dec. 2, the concert will be held in Manley Chapel, filling the air with enchanting melodies and festive joy.

Dr. Broussard, returning for his second year as the Chorale’s conductor, brings his passion for music and a wealth of experience to the ensemble. Under his skillful direction, the NEA Chorale bridges the gap between the Williams Baptist University student body and the surrounding community, creating a harmonious blend of voices that truly resonates.

Individuals interested in becoming a part of this musical journey are encouraged to reach out to Dr. Trent Broussard with any queries or for more information. He can be contacted via email at

Join the NEA Chorale in their pursuit of musical excellence, unity, and the sheer joy of singing. Let the voices unite, and let the music soar.