From Greene County Sheriff Brad Snyder:
Earlier today, a motorist from out of town reported to my office that he was stopped on Hwy 412 West (around the Light community area we believe) by what he thought was an officer driving a black Dodge Charger.  The alleged officer identified himself as a Greene County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Sheriff, and requested the motorists documents.  When the motorist requested to see the officer’s identification or to speak with a supervisor, the “officer” refused.  Shortly after being challenged by the motorist, the the individual returned to his car where he remained for a few moments before departing at a high rate of speed.

The description of the individual was given as:

  • White male
  • Late 20’s / Early 30’s
  • Approximately 6’0” tall
  • Brown hair
  • Khaki pants, black belt, black t-shirt tucked in
  • Black sunglasses

The description of the vehicle was given as:

  • Newer model Dodge Charger (stock photo shown below for reference only and not the actual suspect vehicle)
  • Black in color
  • Blue lights on windshield near the dash

The Greene County Sheriff’s Office does not own, nor has it ever used, black Dodge Chargers for patrol or enforcement purposes.  As always, if you are ever in doubt that you are being stopped by a legitimate police officer, slow your speed, activate your emergency flashers, and call 911 to speak to the emergency dispatchers.  These dispatchers will likely know whether you are legitimately being stopped by law enforcement and can advise you of what to do.

The motorist in this incident did an excellent job in asking for identification, and when denied, requesting a supervisor.  I commend the motorist for contacting my office to report this, as well as being able to provide us with many details to hopefully aid us in identifying and/or apprehending this person.  

As law enforcement officers, we take our oath to protect and serve seriously and we do not condone someone pretending to be a law enforcement officer for ill-intent.  Please, do not hesitate to call 911 if you are being pulled over and something does not feel right.  

  • Sheriff Brad Snyder