A man from Fulton County Arkansas has been arrested after erratic behavior escalated to assault and hospitalization for one woman authorities say.

Salem Police responded to the Fulton County Hospital after the report of an assault.

The victim stated that the aggressor, identified as Lance Goodman, age 30, had been acting in a fashion that scared her and that Goodman was yelling at her attempting to provoke a physical response.

The report states the victim felt she had to slap Lance to get him away from her, which caused Goodman to escalate the situation by lifting her off the ground by her through and slamming her on the concrete floor.

The mother of the victim reportedly had to step in to stop the assault, and officers took photos of the victim’s injuries.

Goodman is charged with Aggravated Assault against a Family or Household Member, and 3rd Degree Domestic Battery, a class A misdemeanor.