Allison Family Announces Closure Of Polar Freeze In Walnut Ridge…..

A message from the Allison Family:

It is with mixed emotions that we, the Allison Family, have made the decision to close the Polar Freeze on July 29, 2023. Jack began this tradition on July 1, 1958, and it has continually grown harder to sustain.

For 61 years Jack enjoyed, more than anything, the fellowship with local customers, as well as those from abroad. He never anticipated the tradition would last forever. We want to thank our customers for their support, faithfulness, loyalty and friendship. And we want to thank all Polar Freeze employees, past and present, for spending their time with us.

We also could not have been here this long without our managers, Pat and Darlene. Pat has been with us for 43 years, and Darlene has been with us for 35 years. Our congratulations to Pat Murphy on her retirement. She has been a great employee, as well as a great manager.