Authorities are reporting that four people have been indicted by a grand jury in the 2022 robbery of an ATM at the Batesville headquarters of Citizens Bank.

Lavert Hart, age 29, Joshua Jerome Dorsey, age 36, Edmond Celeste Dorsey, age 32, and Brianna Ford, age 29, all of the Houston, Texas were all indicted.

The indictments included bank robbery, interstate transport of stolen property, and conspiracy to commit bank robbery.

Three of the suspects in the case have been apprehended and have appeared in federal court for their first appearances.

Authorities say that suspect Edmond C. Dorsey is still on the run.

On April 15, 2022, while the ATM was being serviced by a technician and bank employees, two masked individuals exited the passenger side of a vehicle, ran up to the ATM, and took cassettes that contained approximately $100,000 in cash.

Authorities say the driver remained in the vehicle while the other suspects took the cash cassettes, returned to the vehicle and fled the scene.

The fleeing vehicle was spotted, and a pursuit began, the vehicle was able to evade officers.

Batesville Police were able to collect evidence and video footage related to the robbery.

BPD said three suspects from the Houston area were developed during the investigation.

Authorities say one of the suspects was incarcerated in Haskell, Tex., for an incident similar to the one in Batesville.

Two investigators went to Haskell, Tex., to interview the suspect.

Investigators obtained evidence collected by the San Marcos Police Department and the interview. Evidence implicated a fourth suspect from Houston in a conspiracy to commit the robbery in Batesville.

Authorities say evidence in the case came from numerous sources, video surveillance footage, vehicle rental records, cellular phone records, jail records, social media post, and witness statements.