A precautionary boil order has been issued for a small part of Hardy, Arkansas Saturday, June 17. It’s advised impacted utility customers boil any water used for cooking before use. The area under the precautionary boil order includes residents at Wahpeton Hill Road, Hickory Park Drive, and Elm Street only. This notice is issued as a precautionary measure due to the loss of normal pressure on the system after a water line was damaged by heavy storms consisting of strong lightening. Under the precautionary boil order, all those affected are advised that water may be unsafe for human consumption. Those impacted should boil water used for drinking or food preparation briskly for at least one minute before use. It would be best to discard all ice cubes, and you should use only boiled water for making ice. The boil order will remain in effect until the water system meets an adequate disinfectant level and a bacteria survey shows that the water is safe to drink.