Walter Hagan of Calico Rock built quality rocking chairs for most of his life. A few of those rocking chairs found their way to the home of George Jones, the Big Texan Steakhouse in Amarillo, and Silver Dollar City.

One of his special order giant rocking chairs is found on Calico Rock, Main Street. Walter originally built it for Chris and Carolyn Eck to draw in business to Calico Rock Hardware Company. Later, the chair remained at the request of the community’s civic groups. It draws people in and often is enough to get some passing tourists to stop.

The Calico Rock Museum and Visitors Center announced the passing of Mr. Hagan this week and gave their thanks to him for his contribution to the community of Calico Rock.

Walter once said, “if we can just get them to stop and get out of those cars and sit up in that chair we can hook them on Calico Rock.” Thanks to Walter Hagan and his family’s giant rocking chair a lot of people have discovered Calico Rock and decided to stop and spend a little time in our hometown.

Today we remember Walter and the impact he has had on our community and the lasting impact he will have with that giant rocking chair.

Thank you, Walter, for sharing your God-given talent with us.