Yes, that’s right, Chicken Turtles. The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission is interested in receiving reports of Chicken Turtles from the public. As part of a multi-year survey process, the AGFC is attempting to find and record as many locations and populations of the uncommon Chicken Turtle as possible. They are residents of marshes, swamps, and beaver ponds. They do not live in the Ozark Highlands, but scattered records occur in eastern, southern, and central Arkansas.

Chicken Turtles are similar in size and color to Sliders and River Cooters, and to the untrained eye they are easily confused. But it is pretty easy to determine if you have a Chicken Turtle. Look at the hind quarters. If the yellow stripes are straight up and down (vertical), you have a Chicken Turtle.

You can help in the conservation of this species with your observations! If you find a turtle with vertical yellow stripes (“striped pants”), you can text or email your photo and location details to AGFC Herpetologist Kelly Irwin (man) at: 501.539.0431 or