A Fulton County man, 27 year old TRISTAN JEDIDIAH HUBER of Viola, was arrested Saturday, March 4th, on multiple felony charges following an investigation into a complaint that HUBER was making plans to kill a friend of his.
On March 3rd, the Sheriff’s Office took a complaint indicating that TRISTAN HUBER had made a death threat against someone residing in Baxter County. Very explicit and detailed text messages were provided to the Sheriff’s Office indicating that HUBER was seeking to kill the victim and was soliciting assistance from a third party to help do it. The Fulton County Sheriff’s Office had also received a complaint of this same nature, specifically that HUBER was making a bomb to hurt the victim.
Fulton County Deputies went to HUBER’s residence and were able to take him into custody on Baxter County charges. While at the residence, the deputies were able to search the property. They located what was believed to be a home-made explosive device. The Arkansas State Police Bomb Squad was called to the scene. They found the device to be non-operational, but they did observe components that could be assembled to make an operational explosive device.
TRISTAN JEDIDIAH HUBER was later transferred to the Baxter County Detention Center where he has been booked on charges of:
Solicitation to Commit Murder – FelonyTerroristic Threatening in the First Degree – FelonyThreatening Fire or Bombing (no injury) – MisdemeanorTheft of Property – (previous outstanding warrant)Criminal Mischief – (previous outstanding warrant)
HUBER remains incarcerated in lieu of $110,000 bond. He will appear before the Circuit Court to answer on March 6th.