A statement was released today by the Clay County Sheriff’s Office after the discovery of a deceased male.

From CCSO:
On 02/21/2023 at 07:58 am the Clay County Sheriff’s Department received a call to report a deceased person by the river levee close to the bridge off Highway 90.

Upon arrival, workers reported they found a vehicle with a body laying beside the car.

The deceased person was Randolph Rodewald 83 year old male from Denver, Colorado. Mr. Rodewald was reported missing this morning at the Denver Police Department.

In suspicion, the subject got disoriented and went north down the levee about 1 mile and pulled off in a field and got stuck, and was unable to get himself free then got out of the vehicle and fell into a muddy puddle beside the car and was unable to get up.

Clay County Coroner was on the scene and no foul play was suspected the body was sent to the Arkansas Crime Lab in Little Rock.