On Sunday, Walnut Ridge Police were requested to respond to reports of a person being struck by a vehicle in the 500 block of NW 3rd in Walnut Ridge.

Walnut Ridge Fire Department and a medical unit were also dispatched to the scene. One person was transported to a Jonesboro hospital by ambulance and another person was arrested and taken to the Lawrence County Detention Center.

The suspect arrested was Levi Lamb of Walnut Ridge, Lamb has been charged with Felony Aggravated Assault, Driving Under The Influence and other misdemeanor charges.

The victims information has not been released, Walnut Ridge Police Department Criminal Investigation Division along with Chief Cooksey were notified of the incident.

Walnut Ridge Police Department was assisted by both the Hoxie Police Department and the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Department.

The vehicle was removed from the scene by Cook’s Wrecker Service.

We will update this story as information is released.