Firefighters in a dispute with newly elected mayor say they were locked out of the Fire Department office. At one point last week, Sharp County Sheriff’s Deputies were asked to intervene in the issue.

Mayor Linda Brock who took office on Jan. 3rd 2022 stated she changed the locks to the office portion of the fire department, and demands parts of the department are cleaned up before she’s handing out any new keys.

The mayor stated the department was unsanitary, the mayor says members can access the truck bays with codes to the garage doors.

The mayor says the office area and restrooms will remain closed off until the cleaning and repairs are complete.

Members of the Williford Volunteer Fire Department have access to the trucks, but access to specific equipment behind locked doors is restricted.

The Williford City Council plans to hold a meeting on the evening of Thursday, Jan. 19th at 6 pm in the fire station.